Our #1 Holiday Trend Our #1 Holiday Trend

Our #1 Holiday Trend

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

What with all these young whipper-snappers taking over social media, it seems like every wacky Tik-Tok dance is threatening my newly 33-year-old back. And you know what? It’s not worth it. Let the youths have their viral fame – millennials are over it. We just aren’t going to play anymore.

That’s what I was saying last week. That was before I saw…


It’s like a gingerbread house! But instead of candy, it’s cheese and meats. And it’s… Just. So. Beautiful. And. Delicious.

You must have one of your own!

So, how do you make a viral sensation Charcuterie Chalet? Much like building a real house, the foundation is extremely important. Naturally, we’ve got you covered there with gorgeous and functional cheese boards.

One of the best parts of all three of these cheeseboard sets is that your cheese tools are included with purchase. Those are going to double as your Charcuterie Chalet tools.

If you’re all set for cheese chisels and knives and you’re just looking for a grand canvas for your palatial chalet – then, by all means, go as big as you wanna go and keep it classy with a cutting board:

Now grab a mix of hard cheeses and crackers for building the body of the house, soft cheese for glue, nails, and decoration, and charcuterie slices for the roof or the front yard. Get creative! The details are up to you.

Stop – what do you do if there are members of your household who eschew meat and cheese or prefer GF crackers? Easy fix! Use the multiple surfaces of the Etage Set of 3 Acacia Serving Pedestals to add a Vegan Veranda or Gluten-Free Guesthouse.

The best part about a Charcuterie Chalet party in 2020 is that it translates beautifully to a Zoom-based celebration – and that way, you don’t have to share any of your CHEESE!

Now everyone’s full of snacks. And everyone’s taking pictures of your spread! And they’re all sharing it across every social media platform!! And now you’re taking the entertainment world by STORM! And you’re full of cheese!!! Wow, what a night.

Cover image from @farmcurious

Other images courtesy of #charcuteriechalet on instagram


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