National Cheese Day National Cheese Day

National Cheese Day

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

Even when consulting the nearly always correct and sort-of reliable resource of Wikipedia, there is some disagreement about where and when the first lucky person got to have a little too much cheese.

“The earliest ever discovered preserved cheese was found in the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang, China, dating back as early as 1615 BCE (3600 years before present).”

“Archaeological evidence for making cheese in Egypt goes back about 5,000 years. In 2018, archeologists from Cairo University and the University of Catania reported the discovery of a 3200-year-old cheese from Egypt.”

“Humans discovered the principle of cheese making in the Middle East 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. It is believed that milk, transported in goatskin containers made from the stomachs of young goats, would have curdled because of the natural rennet. This method would have spread quickly around the Mediterranean and beyond.”

Accounts may vary, but our opinion does not: cheese rules. And on this most hallowed of holiday, National Cheese Day, we give thanks to whoever it was who figured out that if you let the milk go bad just right, you’ll end up with something very special on your hands.

Whether you’re celebrating the holiday by enjoying a lovely Italian parmesano reggiano, a Greek feta, an Irish cheddar, or a classic American squirt of cheez-whiz, the serving tools are nearly as important as the quality of the cheese itself. At Picnic Time, we would never choose a favorite – though we might skip the cheez-wiz, if we’re being honest. Ooh, unless it’s on an authentic Philly Cheesesteak, of course. Alright, it turns out that there is no cheese or “cheese food” we won’t celebrate.

This year, celebrate your cheese-votion with effective, easy-to-use cheese tools, bold and beautiful cheese boards – and make sure it all has your own special flair.

For a hip and modern natural wine tasting:

The Insignia Acacia and Slate Serving Board with Cheese Tools

For your swank and swingin’ cocktail party:

Delio Acacia Cheese Cutting Board & Tools Set

For a craft beer tasting get together:

The Acacia Brie Cheese Cutting Board & Tools Set

For a wine-and-cheese-fueled picnic-hike:

The Moreno 3-Bottle Wine & Cheese Tote

For a romantic Disney tete-a-tete:

The Mickey & Minnie Mouse Brie Cheese Cutting Board & Tool Set

For sipping scotch on the yacht – or in the dinghy:

The Mariner Lazy Susan Cheese Cutting Board & Tools Set

For your band’s EP listening party:

The Guitar Cheese Cutting Board & Tools Set

And, finally, for your cheese-votional cheese-themed cheese-sational cheese-bration, with extra cheese:

Swiss Cheese Cutting Board & Tools Set

Still, need more cheese boards and tools to browse? Here they are, ready and waitin’! Happy National Cheese Day to you and yours.


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