Disney Bad Girls Have More Fun Disney Bad Girls Have More Fun

Disney Bad Girls Have More Fun

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

When it comes to Disney princesses, we hate to say it. And we know we’re not supposed to think so. But the thing is…

Bad girls have more fun! “Toot toot, beep beep henny, we’re talkin bad, bad girls.”

Sure, being a pretty little princess is fun and all, but these Disney villains are grown @ss women, thank you very much. In fact, Maleficent, Ursula, and the Evil Queen are leaders and small business owners…kind of. Anyway, they’re role models! …kind of.

Well, we just think they’re neat. Muahahaha.

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent – PTX Backpack Cooler

Maleficent may be a bit chaotic, but she’s nothing if not a planner. Her PTX Backpack Cooler is perfect for long hikes through the enchanted forest and lots of room for a poisoned app- er, drinks, and snacks.

Little Mermaid Ursula – Blanket Tote Outdoor Picnic Blanket

This cozy portable picnic blanket with a soft fleece topside and water-resistant underside folds out to a very spacious 21 feet and folds up into a stylish tote. Like Ursula, it takes many forms – all of them fabulous.

Snow White Evil Queen – Topanga Cooler Tote Bag

This stylish and roomy tote bag cooler has space for 24 cans. With a heat-sealed PVC lining, this cooler keeps all your items fresh and youthful when you’re on the go.

Little Mermaid Ursula – PTX Backpack Cooler

Pity any poor unfortunate soul without a backpack cooler this…cool. It ain’t magic, but it’s close. With tons of room for your picnic lunch and a fully insulated, the water-resistant interior is perfect for the very busy woman who hasn’t got all day.

These officially licensed Disney villain products are here to help you have a criminally good time when you’re out and about with your friends and family. Have fun out there, and try not to hurt anybody. Too much.


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