2021 Picnic Time Gift Giving Guide 2021 Picnic Time Gift Giving Guide

2021 Picnic Time Gift Giving Guide

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the time when you get to wow your friends and family with the most absolutely perfect, spot-on, “oh my gosh, how did you know?!” gifts. And where will you be finding these nearly-magical presents? Why, right here at Picnic Time, naturally.

Now, some folks are a little easier to please. You already know that friend loves NFL gear, your aunt is Disney-obsessed, your cousin can’t get enough Friends, your dad is starry-eyed for Star Wars, and you yourself get down with Harry Potter. Go forth and pick up their perfect gifts, no fuss, no muss!

But what about those tough types who seem to have everything? Who smile politely as they unwrap and give naught but a sad little nod of acknowledgement? Who look wistfully out the window as others gleefully tear at wrapping paper, wishing that someone, somewhere would finally understand and give them a gift that brings them true joy?

There is one works-every-time solution for even the grinchiest of grinches: A PICNIC BASKET!

See, when you give someone a picnic basket, you’re not just wrapping up some stuff to fill space under the tree. What you’re really doing is giving the recipient the experience of using your gift time and again with family and friends, and that is a beautiful thing. Oh don’t mind me, there’s just something in my eye… But you’re not here to wax poetic about gift-giving, you’re here to find just the thing for even the most difficult spots on your list. So, pour the eggnog, turn up the carols, and max out the holiday cheer – let’s go!

The Standard Overachiever: Picnic Baskets for ALL!

It doesn’t get more classic than the Country Picnic Basket. Even the toughest exterior melts for that sweet red-and-white gingham and vintage-style shape. Whether they fill it with fried chicken or sauteed tofu, it’s giving classic-countryside-dream-come-true.

We may not be in Kansas anymore, but whoever gets this basket can carry all the charm of no-place-like-home with them. The Kansas Handwoven Wood Picnic Basket is equally suited for a romantic-picnic-for-two as it is for a picturesque outing with the fam.

If she practically invented boho-chic, she’s gonna need more than just a simple tote or a humble basket. And what she’s gonna get is the best of both worlds with the Coronado Canvas and Willow Basket Tote. Can’t you just see her at the farmer’s market with this beauty slung over her shoulder? It’s practically already a polaroid-filtered selfie on her main feed.

For this lucky gift receiver, there’s only one thing better than a long, scenic hike, and that’s enjoying a couple of glasses of rosé and slices of cheese at the other end of the hike. For them, the Adventure Wine Tote is the ideal choice. With space for two bottles of wine, and with glasses, wine key, and pop-up mini-table included, this wine-and-cheese-picnic set will make you their favorite person. Cheers!

Some people appreciate the whimsy and romance of a wicker picnic basket, but for others, it is the ultra-organized and durable cooler tote that gives them a little pep in the step. For them, the Montero Cooler Tote checks all the boxes. Fashionable, functional, and ever so roomy, it’s a type-A dream.

A picnic basket for everyone is the way to go. Just think how many picnic invitations you’ll have when the weather warms back up!

P.s. If for some reason you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t like picnics (but seriously, think hard about why on earth that might be), get them this serving board set.

Everybody needs another serving board. Done and done!

Happy holidays from your picnic-loving buddies at Picnic Time.


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